Cleveland Heights, OH 44121, USA

The story of Gwen Maul is quite an interesting one, vocalist/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio; came onto the music scene later than most, yet right on time. She chose to follow her heart and meet her dreams,after a 16 year career as a salon owner/hairstylist/makeup artist. She pursued her dreams, lost over 100 pounds and hit the ground running!!

"Music has always been a part of me & I've always been an artist in many ways, words and music have been constants in my life." says Gwen.

Her story is one filled with many experiences that have helped to shape and mold her style, shes


 Closing a door to a part of her life as a hairstylist was challenging but she says, "There was this tug happening, everywhere I turned it was there calling me to try & I just HAD to answer it! I feel so inspired and motivated, I'm choosing to lean on my faith and endure, so with ever fiber of me I intend to do everything necessary to live my dreams to the fullest. We only get one life and I intend to have a great time living mine doing exactly what my heart desires within HIS will."

After the release of her debut album 'Back For the Very First Time' 2010 VIRGO ENTERTAINMENT LTD

Regrouping was not only my priority it was a necessity! I needed to learn TOTAL  vulnerability & whatever that meant for me, and listen to what MY heart says. Gwen's most recent offering has been a great catalyst for cultivating her perspective; enjoying a new freedom, exploring the art inside of her creativity.

"Recording this project ('Interpretation' 2014 VIRGO ENTERTAINMENT LTD.) was very intimate, a slower process and delicate collection of moments that felt like a new love unfolding. I appreciated the art of appreciating  MY voice, & MY instincts within HIS guidance.

Ive grown ALOT and I am forever grateful! "